The End of DMR and What That Means

So, again here I am, saying, "Sorry the issue is late." It's really late this time. For two reasons. One of those reasons is the main reason DMR is coming to an end - I don't have the time to devote to this project any longer. It takes a LOT of time to do something like this - ask anyone. December's issue here was worse that usual. I had to do submissions, a lot of them. I don't get a chance to actually edit much of anything, because of the time it takes putting the issue together in HTML. (Simple stuff, sure, but time consuming.) DMR was a great little e-zine. I was proud of it. Others are proud of it. (And just for the record here - TG Browning is an AMAZING person! He had done more for this 'zine then a lot of people. He was always ready with his materials and willing to pitch in as it was needed to do reviews and other stuff that he didn't have to. He committed to something and stuck with it - which is more than I can say for even myself!)

Which brings me to the second reason. I didn't really want DMR to end. DMR is something so much of my time and energy went into it's like losing a friend. I had to let go, but not wanting to do that kept this issue hanging around in the "TO BE DONE" pile much longer than it should have. I hate saying goodbye. I love all the wonderful people I've met doing this - the opportunities I've had that I would never have had without DMR. It's sad to let this all go. But I can't keep this up.

This is the LAST Issue of DMR. But DMR is far from over my friends. This spring we will be releasing a "Best Of DMR" book that will be available in several different formats. I hope you'll enjoy it. I hope you'll read it. And I hope you'll do these wonderful authors a favor and buy buy buy! it. We're finallizing the list of the authors that will be involved and sending out invitations in the next two weeks. Hopefully the book will be out sometime in April. Keep checking back as we will have more details as plans are finalized.

And there will also be something else that will keep DMR alive. DMR is going to become a once-a-year project. I want to keep the spirit of DMR alive, but I don't have the time it takes to do that. So, DMR will present an "Annual" edition. It will not be called just "Dark Moon Rising" but it will follow the same priciples and contain reviews, fiction and poetry for your enjoyment. (Sorry no articles!) This is a compromise with myself. It lets me do what I need to do - in the "real" world, and yet lets me also keep the spirit of DMR alive and well in a similar form and fashion that will be good for everyone.

I wish all my readers success and happiness. I wish all my writers many, many publications and good luck. I wish all my staff everything they want in the world - they deserve it!

DMR has been many things to me - but it will always be in my heart, for it is a piece of my soul. I hope you enjoyed sharing it with me. With all my love,
Angela L. Silliman, editor

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