by Chris Matosky

Forever Farewell

Welcome to this loneliness said the shadow to the light
Love is just a pipe dream, a bird that's lost its flight
My heart is not just broken but has been crushed into dust
No tears for your laughter no more lies for me to trust

Love together forever, a mad unreachable dream
hearts came crashing down in the middle of a silent scream
Forever seems so short when held within your heart
Losing you, a forgotten kiss, tears my soul apart

Reach for one last touch, hope for a last embrace
Looking for your smile to push the tears from my face
Your love just fades away into the shadow of my pain
and only forever left is the tears that fall like rain

Midnight Reign

Dancing, dancing through the night's sweet fire
Burning, burning with the shadows' only desire
Hungering, thundering through our hearts, our veins
Stare into the darkness, wait for the midnight reign

Passion, passion we will reap its secret flowers
Seduction, from darkness, draws its heat, its powers
Crumbling, tumbling down into the pits of my soul
Immortal punishment for the lives that I stole

Thirsting, bursting for the hot nectar of life
Reaping, rending a kiss that cuts like a knife
Silent prayers to ears long ago gone deaf
The hunt and the hunger is all that I have left


You canít have light without shadow forgiveness without sin
You have to lose your share of battles before you learn to win
Even when love is just a gentle breeze soothing scorching sands
My soul is open to your eyes and my heart beats in your hands

Iíll watch you walk on water while Iím stuck here on the shore
Waiting for a feathery embrace and whispers of nevermore
A fallen guardian angel reaching out for one last chance
Hoping for an outstretched hand and one more burning glance

Iíve been crucified by my own heart and soul, bleeding into the sand
My penance is your nails down my back not steel through my hands
While the wounds may be only skin deep they cut me to the bone
And no matter how much you hurt me itís better than being alone

I can see your eyes are cold and empty but still your kisses burn
Knowing youíre going to break my heart, itís a lesson I want to learn
So weíre crashing against each other with a gentle, loving rage
Fighting with my traitor heart to keep the beast in its cage

Bringing a little grey into this world of black and white
Writhing in a moment with no sense of wrong or right
Iíve looked through the windows that are baring your soul
I wonder if thereís any hope when mine is bought and sold

Iím just another sinner trying to play at being a saint
An angel standing on the ledge Iím starting to feel faint
Cause though the thorns cut deeply the rose is just as sweet
Youíre fantasy made flesh and blood, my want, my need, my heat

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