by Philip Reyth


"my own prison"

naked suspended prison closet
VR nutri taps brain shut from world
sentenced life VR hell
tax payers baying cost effective general public
inhumane release trauma therapy never ending

"matrix surfing"

beam riding jack in itch
hang ten matrix comet info slipstream
watch corporate fortress'
data ebb and flow electro cash go
identities like stars numerous as sand


"the heist"

turn on jack in compute
slide through cyber space snag fortress
intercept fund transfer

About the Author: Philip Reyth is from Tucson, Arizona. I've lived in California, Colorado, South Dakota and Missouri. Loves the desert and the mountains, but not the million people. Now he resides in the High Sierras in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Living with his beautiful wife and two boys. Oi! we cant forget the cat Shalom. The small town and slower pace of life allows him to take his sole passion of writing beyond just a hobby. He has several published short stories and poems.

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