by Mac Ross

The Zombie Within

Festering pile of dismantled corpse
Decapitated living dead, lives still
Finger tips scrape cement
Innards slither recklessly
Legs convulse in starved frustration
A severed hand struggles to climb denim
And falls in admirable defeat.

The Grimacing face
Of the slaughtered carcass
Stares onward in annoyance
I bathe it, despite its groans
In a shower of gasoline
Hesitating to illuminate the remains
And be rid of its unholy smirk.

My father's face eyeballs me
Worm eaten and maggot infested
His jaw cracking in a final flurry
To taste the buffet of human anatomy
That escaped his cannibal desire.

It's not him though
Merely a shell for evil to dwell within
I snap the match and unleash its dormant energy
It plummets, and consumes the evil
In the flames from which it came.

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