The Day After Tomorrow

Release Date: May 28, 2004
Rating: PG-13 - intense situations of peril
Running Time: 2 hr. 4 min.
Genre: Action, Drama
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum
Director: Roland Emmerich

The Day After Tomorrow seems like a promising summer blockbuster, and it did well its opening weekend, but I was unimpressed with its lack of story, poor acting, and bad science.

The Day After Tomorrow is supposed to describe what would happen if the polar ice caps melted and disrupted the north Atlantic current. Global warming causes this climate shift years earlier than it supposed to happen, and brings the world into a new ice age. In the actual scheme of things, the last global climate change that occurred 10,000 years ago, was a warming period, not an ice age. During the great ice age, or Pleistocene epoch, evolving humans saw rapid changes of climate similar to what occurred during the ice age, but by this time the ice age, for the most part, was already over. There was also such an increase in human population, and it was beginning to have an impact on the environment, thus, delaying the usual change of climate. However, many scientist speculate that we are long over due for another ice age, and they do fear that Global warming could in fact, bring on this change. We would also need a dramatic drop in human population for things to go in effect. (For the real deal on the climate shifts check out

I have no idea where the writer of this movie got his information, but he really should have paid closer attention to the science to support his argument. His whole rhetoric is faulty - and, on top of it, there's a serious lack of story. There was really nothing here that you could grasp onto, except to feel for the main character Professor Hall (Dennis Quaid) and his son, Sam Hall. Quaid carried the movie. The actor who plays the son, Jake Gyllenhaal, is horrible in this movie. (Heís a horrible actor in general, but in this movie, heís just awful.) I really suggest not seeing this movie, but if you do or did, you should pull a Stan and Kenny (ala South Park), and demand a refund from the director. If you donít walk out of this movie before itís over, youíll walk out at the end laughing.

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