Artwork by Miranda Aschenbrenner

Autumn Fairy

About "Autumn Fairy": Done in colored pencil, this was inspired by the upcoming fall season, my favorite season of the year.


About "Mermaid": Also in colored pencil. With this piece, I was trying to portray something other then the docile, peaceful mermaids that are so often seen. This mermaid is a little more fierce

Portrait of an Elf

About "Portrait of an Elf": Done in pencils, the face of this elf was created using my own facial features.

About the Artist: I am a student artist living in Canada and currently going into my third year of Fine Arts. I have been doing fantasy illustrations for about six years. I like to work realistically in acrylic paint, pencils, ink, and most recently colored pencils. I love bright, bold colors and clean lines. My work can be viewed at

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