Table of Contents

October 2004


Books of Distinction: What You Bring To the Reading Room by TG Browning

From the Editor: Inspiration Revisited & The Long Goodbye by Angela L. Silliman

Now Playing! by Jennifer Charron

REVIEW: Ringworld's Children by Larry Niven, Reviewed by TG Browning

Fate & Transport by Andru McIntosh, Reviewed by TG Browning

The Burning House by H. David Blalock, Reviewed by TG Browning

Serial Fiction

Short Fiction


  • Paranoid by Venjamin Jimenez
  • Autumn Fairy, Mermaid, Portrait of an Elf by Miranda Aschenbrenner
  • Grim (re-worked), My Little Arsonist, For Medicinal Use Only by Charli Siebert

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