Inspiration Revisited and The Long Goodbye

Welcome, readers, to a late but intact October 2004 issue. DMR's been a little behind with having missed our August issue, due to my illness, and then having been so late with October (due to another illness). Still, even at this late date, I wanted to hark back to my last column asking about inspiration. I received one response, which was exciting. It meant someone actually reads my column. Here it is, RE: INSPIRATION...
Sometimes what inspires you is not necessarily something you love. It may be something you hate. Once when I was having a lot of trouble with pop-up ads and spyware, I wrote a story called "Psychic Pop-Up." I think it's one of my best satires.
A good counterpoint to my argument. And a good reminder that inspiration comes from various different sources. An important fact to always keep in mind.

I'm hoping now that I get a better response to this: DMR is going to produce a book, "The Best of DMR." We want to include some of our readers favorite stories, as well as new material from favorite authors. We hope to have a good sampling of stories for you in this new book, which should be available early next year. But we need to hear your voice. We want our readers to respond to our DMR "Best of" Survey by Monday November 15, 2004 at Midnight Pacific Standard Time. Any responses received after this time will not be counted toward the tally. Please respond, as we really want your input into this project.

The Long Goodbye

It's time to say goodbye to DMR. December 2004 will be our last issue. However, we will be producing the "Best of DMR" book early next year, and our site will remain open for a long time to come to give you access to your favorite stories, poetry and - well, whatever else you like about DMR.

This decision was not an easy one by any means. It has nothing to do with money, and little to do with the amount of staff here at DMR. It has to do with changes, and it's time for DMR to move on. It was a great run, and a lot of fun.

Now, onto the business side of the issue - All submissions will be closed on November 15, 2004. Anything recieved after this time will not be considered. All submissions of any kind will recieve a response by early December. Everything will be published in our December issue - we hope to go out with a bang.

We hope you've enjoyed DMR and hope you will continue to enjoy what we have for you. We may evolve into something else - only time will tell - but for now, enjoy our October issue, and upcoming December issue, and we'll see you next year for "The Best of DMR."

Angela L. Silliman, editor

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